It is all about you and your photography.

While Photo Tours offer you a great group experience of exploring wildernesses across the planet with Giri, Private Guided Tours are ideal for you if you are

  • A photographer who is unflinchingly committed to your art
  • A family that prefers a quiet and rewarding family-time
  • A small group that wishes to be by themselves under the guidance of their passionate expert

Private Guided Tours is also the best way to travel and experience wildlife destinations if what you care the most for is the experience itself. This also means you get the best luxury accommodations you can possibly have to enhance the joy of your expedition.

Advantages of a private guided tours over a regular safari photo tours:

  • Flexibility of dates and duration. Tailor-made itineraries and safaris for your convenience.
  • Offering of a range of lodges to stay in as per your budget.
  • Higher possibilities of hiring an exclusive safari vehicle for yourself/your family/your group.
  • Giri’s extensive knowledge of the park and its wildlife, and his photography expertise aid in creating the best possible photo opportunities for you.
  • Undivided individual attention on photography as well as natural history
  • Specific interests are catered to on a private guided safari, be it a single mammal you are specifically looking for or that one bird you’ve been wanting to see and photograph.