About Giri

Giri Cavale is an Indian wildlife photographer and photography mentor. Known for his mercurial senses that aid him in discerning and documenting exceptional experiences in the wild, Giri is a storyteller who believes in the poetry of pixels. His seasoned expertise and unfaltering instinct as a natural history expert, combined with his conscientious passion for teaching wildlife photography, have made Giri one of the most sought-after photography mentors in India. He has also co-founded LensOwl, which is headquartered in Bengaluru.

Giri’s love for wildlife was instilled in him at a tender age. While his evocative art of the elusive cats remains one of his most notable accomplishments today, his love for all wild-beings has an enduring history to it. He was that wide-eyed boy who spent hours watching anything from a butterfly to a bird, a lizard to a mammal. Until about twenty years later when he started photography, young Giri’s way of documenting his wildlife experiences was writing.


Exploring Untamed Lands with Giri

Today, the vast body of Giri’s work is redolent of his tremendous experience of predicting and tracking animal movement with a steadfast love for them. His connection with his subjects is deepened by his photography proficiency and his eagerness to share his dual expertise shows on the wildlife tours he leads across the world. His earned mastery of photography as a tool of expression and communication is infectious, and has been inspiring anyone who travels with him. On his private guided tours, one gets to see not only the naturalist and photographer in him but also the fun-loving, light-hearted person that he is.

When it comes to photographing the wonders of nature, too much is never enough,” says Giri, a man of few words and ceaseless creativity.


Awards and Accolades

The exquisite array of work Giri has created, portraying the boundless beauty of elusive cats and other wildlife, has earned him several awards of repute and wide recognition. He has won the coveted gold medal at the 17th Nature Biennial World Cup by the FIAP in 2014. He was the Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Runner-up at the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards in 2013. Also, several prestigious publications have featured his work frequently. But Giri remains as unassuming as the very muses he admires, and considers himself no more than an ardent devotee of nature.